Dog Spaying

Most owners are not aware of the chain of events in a surgical procedure. The most common procedures, an ova rio-hysterectomy, known also as a spaying (not spading) operation. Having found the dog to be in satisfactory health for surgery, the veterinarian may administer drugs to sedate, prevent excess salivation, Continue Reading

Caffeine Dogs

Caffeine, besides having a slight stimulating effect on the peristalsis in the intestine, is useful because it stimulates the general circulation by accelerating the heart, increasing its force and raising the blood pressure. It affects the heart muscle directly. Overdoses cause such rapid heartbeat that blood pressure drops. it increases Continue Reading

Cat Ears

Not long ago, we came home to a very strange sight. All our cats had gathered around the refrigerator and were completely entranced by its bottom. On moving the refrigerator, we found cockroaches! The high-pitched communication of bugs or rodents that falls on our”deaf” ears is music to a cat Continue Reading

Cat Health Test

Tests are often needed to confirm a diagnosis or to determine the best mode or the effectiveness of treatment. Some of the most common tests that may be requested are stool sample, skin scrapings (for skin parasites or fungus), complete blood count, blood chemistry, urinalysis, bacteriology, and tissue biopsy. Stool Continue Reading