Dogs bark, that is a reality. You cannot stop a dog from barking as it is his way of communicating, just as humans cannot be prevented from talking. However, excessive barking is of course unbearable and must be eliminated. This is when stop barking dog exercises and training must be done with your pet.
All dogs bark as this is their way of communication and another outlet to express their emotions. Having a dog that does not bark is something you also do not want to happen. You should have to doubt whether your pet is a dog or not if it does not bark at all. But dogs can be excessive at their growling, which are irritating to the ears. This may be caused by several factors, among which separation anxiety and threat from others are the most common. However, this can be prevented through several stop barking dog exercises.
Dogs can be stopped from barking by yelling at them. But this method will only frighten your dog. There are proper ways to stop the dogs from barking. One way of stop barking dog exercise is to train them to become obedient. This should be done during their younger years. It can also be done even when the dog has already grown. Training the dog to become obedient during his tender period is the most effective method to prevent your pet from doing that annoying growl or howl.
You can also do the reward and punishment method as a stop barking dog exercise. When the dog starts to growl, show him a food or something the dog always wanted to have and tell him to stop. When he stops barking, wait a few moments, around three to five seconds, and then give him the thing. Then you can gradually increase the period of giving the item to the dog from three seconds to ten seconds until the dog learns to obey with your command. If the dog does not stop from barking, do not give the item.
Another method of stop barking dog training is by praising the dog whenever he obeys your command. Dogs love to be praised and rewarded by their owner. This kind of stop barking dog technique would more effective if the dog has been trained to become obedient. When the dog barks, let him do it three to four times, at most, and then command him to stop. When he obeys praise him by saying something like, “that’s my good boy,” or “very good buddy, be quiet”.
Exercise is a paramount for excellent dog behavior and a Electric dog fence is a fantastic way to safely contain your dog on your property. Not only will you give your dog free acess to the entire perimeter of your yard, you will also be giving him more than enough exercise to keep him happy healthy and safe.
But if the dog would not obey your command and keeps on barking, one sure way to stop him is to splash a glass of cold water into his face. This is not a typical stop barking dog exercise, but may be used if the dog would not follow your command. The dog will be astounded and will definitely stop growling. Then you can praise him from being quiet. This way, the bog will not think that you are mad at him but simply commanded him to stop from excessive barking. This can be a stop barking dog technique as the dog will immediately stop from barking incessantly every time he sees you holding a glass of water.

How To Housebreak A Puppy: Methods For Housebreaking A Dog

Have you ever wished you could just get your adult dog or puppy to stop going potty in the house and that you could learn the proper training techniques for housebreaking a puppy or dog? This type of training can be easily accomplished with four basic steps.
Many of my dog training clients come to me saying, “I want to know how to housebreak a puppy. What can I do?” These clients will tell me that their dog is different and hard and stubborn and just doesn’t get it. My response is always the same. There are four main things you need to do to solve the problem. It doesn’t matter the age of the dog or how stubborn the dog is. It all has to do with being consistent with these four steps:

  1. Prevent your puppy from going potty in the house in the first place: Prevention takes two forms:
  2. Use a crate. The method for crate training a puppy is easy. Put the puppy in the crate or kennel and give him treats. Feed him in there. Don’t leave food or water in the crate for extended periods and keep the crate free of toys that could be chewed up and swallowed. The crate then becomes a ‘den’ or a safe place where your puppy or dog won’t want to go to the bathroom.
  3. When potty training a puppy use a leash in the house. Keep your dog tethered to you so you can make sure that your puppy doesn’t sneak off and go potty.
  4. Encourage your dog to go to the bathroom outside: This step is also easy. When housebreaking a dog you want to give lots of praise and motivation when the dog goes to the bathroom outside.
  5. Correct your puppy when he goes potty indoors: Puppy training shouldn’t be harsh but when you catch your puppy going potty in the house use the leash to quickly tug him outside. Don’t make it painful but be fast and get the dog to the yard.
  6. Get your dog or puppy on a routine: Make sure that you have regular food times and bathroom times. If your puppy has a hard time making it through the night make sure to remove the water by 7pm or so.

Follow these steps for how to housebreak a puppy and you will be in great shape.

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