Administering medicine to cats with neck pain or to vicious cats can be dangerous. Firstly put the pills on the top of the table so that they will remain in your reach as the cat open her mouth.

  1. While administering medicine to a cat, place the palm of your hand over your cat’s muzzle. With the thumb on one side and your fingers on the other, press hard against and under the upper teeth.
  2. Tilt the head up slightly. This usually causes the lower jaw to relax and drop a little.
  3. Using the middle finger of your other hand, push the lower jaw open.
  4. With your thumb and index finger, place the pill in the center of the tongue near its base.
  5. Close the mouth quickly and tap your pet’s nose with your finger. This will cause the cat to lick and then swallow.
  6. Fractious cats can be held by the back of the neck. Open the lower jaw with a pencil (always use the eraser end). Toss the pill in the back of the throat and gently tap it down with the pencil.
  7. You can also crush her pills and mix up in the food of cat but, you have to take advice of your veterinarian because after getting crushed some cat medicines do not remain that much effective as they were before.

A plastic pill gun (purchased from your veterinarian or pet shop) is very handy and can save your fingers from getting hung up on your cat’s teeth. A flexible tip holds the tablet or capsule within the barrel until deposited in your cat’s mouth. A sharp push on the barrel delivers the pill to the back of the throat.

Giving Liquids To Your Cat

  1. Hold your cat’s head at an angle of 45°.
  2. Make a pouch in the corner of the lip fold by pulling the cheek outward.
  3. Using a spoon or eye dropper, slowly pour the liquid into the pouch.
  4. If your cat does not swallow the liquid automatically, jiggle the pouch slightly or tap on the nose with your finger; this will cause it to swallow. Be sure to keep the head at an angle of 45° until the liquid is swallowed.
  5. If your cat is not co-operating you or she is not following above methods. Then you can also place the cat medicine near her mouth and on cat’s front leg so that whenever she will lick her mouth or front leg she will automatically swallow the medicine.
  6. Do not administer the whole medicine at once as it may cause vomit and can even choke the wind pipe also.

Placing your cat in the bathtub will help avert a mess. Don’t discontinue the course of cat medicine, complete it or discontinue it with the advice of your veterinarian.

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