Have you called a pest control company to kill your bed bug infestation? If you have, chances are you were sorely disappointed with the results. In fact, traditional pest control companies that claim to use bed bug extermination methods fail four out of five times.
According to the New York Sun, pest control companies have reported an increase from twelve bed bug cases per month five years ago to 600-700 per week today. Not only are these companies unsuccessful at exterminating pests, their treatments are very expensive. One can expect to pay up to $900 to treat a two-bedroom apartment. Before wasting hundreds of dollars and hours of your time feeling frustrated and hopeless, let’s look at how, where and why these companies are falling short.
Many companies apply common roach-killing strategies to treat bed bugs by spraying toxic chemicals around beds. However, thanks to evolution, these roach-killer chemicals are no longer effective at killing bed bugs. That’s right; the bed bugs have developed a tolerance to certain chemicals, rendering them out-dated and useless. The result of this treatment is a pool of toxins residing in your bedroom.
Motels and hotels are frequently responsible for distributing bed bugs. The little pests nestle into clothing and luggage and travel home with you. In most cases, motels and hotels have contractual agreements with pest control companies to rid their rooms of pests of all kinds. Reports indicate continued and widespread bed bug infestation in even the most upscale hotels. The prevalence of bed bugs at these places is a prime example of how grossly these companies fail and deceive their customers.
Simply put, alot of pest control companies are perpetuating the problem by intentionally using shoddy extermination methods. As a result, they get repeat calls from desperate customers and overcharge for their ineffective treatments again and again. Business is booming for pest control, but the consumer continues to suffer.
So the bottom line is bed bugs are such a new epidemic that most pest control companies do not have enough experience, training and specialized education to deal with them effectively. Therefore it’s imperative that you hire companies who specialize ONLY in bed bug extermination. Some others may have the experience but it’s a crap shoot. So your best bet is hire companies whose sole focus is bed bugs. Bed bugs require an entirely different approach then your common household pests.

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