In transporting an injured cat, the easiest and gentlest way to carry her in a cat carrier, which is such good investment! First of all, it will prevent your cat from jumping through the steering wheel or on top of your head while you’re driving, and sending you to the hospital! Your injured cat will also be calmer in the veterinarian’s reception and exam room – a definite plus for the veterinarian-owner relationship.
While transporting an injured cat, if a cat carrier is not available, the one-hand carry is comfortable for your cat and affords secure restraint. The cat’s back legs and body rest between your inner forearm and your body. The front legs are held between the fingers of the same arm. Your cat’s head can be cradled in your other hand.
If you pinch your injured cat’s front or hind paw and the animal does not react in pain, it may have a spinal injury – paralysis of both hind legs and possibly stiffness, or paralysis of the front legs are possible, in this case. Slide your cat very gently onto a blanket or board. Even a slight movement of the spine could cause irreversible damage.
If your cat is seriously ill or injured than take precautions while transporting seriously injured cat. It is very important not to make the situation worst. If your pet is in shock, a fast lift or rotation can cause irreversible harm. While transporting an injured cat, injuries to the Spinal cord, chest. Abdomen or limbs can be made worse by inconsiderate handling. A cat carrier, blanket, coat, air mattress, or even a window screen can be used to transport seriously injured cat.
Points to keep in mind

  1. If your cat is severely injured due to any road accident or by any other reason than you should use emergency transportation techniques for injured cat. It might happen that your own pet cat will behave in aggression with you. Please keep patience and try to handle the situation as the transportation of an injured cat is not an easy task.
  2. Just wrap her in a big towel or blanket if you have and gently pick her and put her in a box. If she is misbehaving than you sit in your vehicle and put her in your lap than she will more relaxed. This will also keep her safe from jumps. While transporting an injured cat be careful with her paws and mouth in this entire situation.
  3. If the situation is worst and it’s bleeding badly than call your veterinarian and tell everything that had happened with her and tell them that you are on your way. In the meantime give all possible aids to your seriously injured cat.
  4. If this is not efficient way than you can also put your pet cat on a stretcher so that she will feel bit relax.

All you have to do is to take best steps while transporting an injured cat so that she reaches to hospital without feeling any more difficulty. Imagine that if cat is injured so seriously than we have to take care as much as we can, because the cat is already injured so badly, why to give her more problems.

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